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About Us

In 2015, the lost in love studio put down roots in Sydney, Australia, the land of opportunity. We are a young and dynamic team, being fashion conscious and full of character. Our all-encompassing services revolves around your wedding, be it wedding photography and cinematography, or make-up and wedding events planning.  

In pursuit of our dreams, each one of the Lost In Love team has worked hard and overcome setbacks that has eventuated to the creation of the Lost In Love Studio. We believe our like-mindedness and passion for what we do brought us together, forming a bespoke team of driven and dedicated staffs. 

Our chief photographer Jof has won multiple awards in a series of competitions hosted by the WPPI, an international leading wedding photography association. His works combine his artistic sense, extraordinary photography skills and state-of-art post production. His unrivalled experience in celerity wedding photography adds a “celebrated” touch to the stunning images.

For the past five years, our youth and passion as well as absolute sincerity has filled the journey of creative shooting and wedding events planning. We have faith in our original belief: Stay true to our intent and driven for creativity.

This year will mark a new domain, as well as a starting point of the Lost In Love Team. While fresh idea and new sources of creativity will be infused, we remain sentimental and warm, offering increased trendy and fashionable shooting and filming experiences and capturing the most precious moments and memories of your special day.

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